Mind Wellness Program

The Challenge

Many people suffer from anxiety, depression, mood disorders, PTSD as well as mood issues stemming from dealing with chronic pain or chronic illness.

The Solution

Holistic care such as counseling, nutritional education, movement therapy, acupuncture and other complimentary and alternative medicine measures can be combined to create an effective way to treat mood related conditions.

Help Fund Inside Health Institute

Inside Health Institute relies on donations to start new programs and to help cover costs for patients who are unable to cover the full cost of their treatment.  Please help support us by funding our GoFundMe campaign to raise an initial $30,000.  To be ready to open for business, we need to raise 3 months minimum of operation expenses ($25,000) and $5,000 for the charity care program. Operation expenses include: hiring two part time staff (one for operations and administration and the other for support with our lab and breath testing), getting phone and fax lines installed, marketing (website, business cards, prescription pads), and rental space.

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